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On this breezy October morn, I walk
in the swift shadows of cloud-cursing rooks,
watching the world wake on the horizon.
Leo Yankevich
All houses wherein men have lived and died
Are haunted houses. Through the open doors
The harmless phantoms on their errands glide,
With feet that make no sound upon the floors.

We meet them at the doorway, on the stair,
Along the passages they come and go,
Impalpable impressions on the air,
A sense of something moving to and fro.
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You've probably heard of inflation, which in economics describes the general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money, well in economics, shrinkflation is the process of items shrinking in size or quantity while their prices remain the same.


  • aprilapril Moderator Posts: 11,238 mod
    I assume they won't do this for drugs.
  • mheredgemheredge Posts: 45,142 ✭✭✭✭
    I've noticed that the size of Snicker and Mars bars have reduced but they're still the same price. Also in India, instead of 250cl bottles of soft drinks, they come in smaller 200cl sizes. These as cheaper than the larger bottles, but not significantly less.
  • aprilapril Moderator Posts: 11,238 mod
    It would be interesting for me if they could "shrink" the portion of a dish in the restaurant.
    Mostly they are too much for me.
    However, I won't pay the same price!
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