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In lands I never saw -- they say
Immortal Alps look down --
Whose bonnets touch the firmament --
Whose sandals touch the town --

Meek at whose everlasting feet
A myriad daisy play --
Which, Sir, are you and which am I
Upon an August day?

Emily Dickinson
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Protect animals/birds

BubblyBubbly Posts: 29,890 ✭✭✭✭
edited May 2015 in The weather
It's summer now and temperature is rising up day by day. A silent message from animals/birds;

One drop of water may not cost you
But it is lifeline for us in summer
Do keep a bowl of water for us
At a place you get wherever
We wander here n there in search of water
In scorching sun thirsty whole day
We will be thankful for you for this gesture
Although we don't have any words to say



  • SairaSaira Posts: 846 ✭✭✭
    Relationships are like birds,if you hold tightly then die.If you hold loosely,they fly.But if you hold with care,They remain with you for ever.
  • BubblyBubbly Posts: 29,890 ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2015
    @Saira True, very profound.
  • DoraDora Teacher's Pet Posts: 5,347 mod
    The thing I like to do is sit back and take in nature. To look at the birds, listen to their singing, go hiking, camping and jogging and running, walking along the beach, playing games and sometimes being alone with the great outdoors. It's very special to me.
    "Like rain, I fell for you."
  • BubblyBubbly Posts: 29,890 ✭✭✭✭
    @Dora There are few people who feel like this. Otherwise, many people just ruin the nature without having any sense of responsibility.
  • BubblyBubbly Posts: 29,890 ✭✭✭✭
    @mheredge What have you observed in China and Japan about birds/animals' protection?
  • madhugmadhug Posts: 829 Inactive
    edited June 2015
    > @Saira said: absolutely correct..! Maintain lifelong relationship with a person is not easy job. we should care them like a bird.
  • madhugmadhug Posts: 829 Inactive
    Animals also living things like a human, we need to protect them, it's animal rights live with us.

    Now a days we are using anything it comes from an animal, such as eggs, meat, milk and leather. We need to become our self vegetarian, at least we can save some animals.
  • madhugmadhug Posts: 829 Inactive
    edited June 2015
    Animals also living things like a human, we need to protect them, it's animal rights to live with us.

    We are using anything it comes from an animal, such as eggs, meat, milk and leather. We need to become our self vegetarian, at least we can save some animals.
  • BubblyBubbly Posts: 29,890 ✭✭✭✭
    @madhug I usually keep a clay pot on the roof for birds in this season. But, for grain I have a wooden hanging box since 14 years where I put grains for birds on weekly basis. This is how I can contribute for them.
  • madhugmadhug Posts: 829 Inactive
    @bubbli: You are very kind of person to save birds.
  • BubblyBubbly Posts: 29,890 ✭✭✭✭
    @madhug there is nothing to be kind. This is our duty to protect animals/birds who reply on us for food and other needs directly or indirectly.
  • madhugmadhug Posts: 829 Inactive
    @bubbli: I think you like to protect birds. Did you do anything about to save animals.?
  • BubblyBubbly Posts: 29,890 ✭✭✭✭
    @madhug for birds I have promised to myself to serve them as I mentioned above. At personal level, I try to help street animals by giving them food or water, If I found any.
  • madhugmadhug Posts: 829 Inactive
    @bubbli: Have you ever been adventure parks, like mountain hiking or walking in the forest.
  • BubblyBubbly Posts: 29,890 ✭✭✭✭
    @madhug I love nature and it inspires me a lot. I like morning walk but these days I just withdraw because of hot weather and fasting. Hiking is a passion and I have done it informally with a small group but by the end of this year I would join a club.

    So how do you protect birds in Summer?
  • madhugmadhug Posts: 829 Inactive
    edited June 2015
    @bubbli: I haven't get a chance to protect birds. We could not see the birds some places in Hyderabad because of radiation (mobile towers). In here population, pollution is higher then other cities.

    I do jogging daily in the morning. some times I bring biscuits for street dogs.
  • BubblyBubbly Posts: 29,890 ✭✭✭✭
    @madhug still you are doing well in your personal capacity. :) But I am feeling sorry for the birds who cannot fly over Hyderabad due to radiation.
  • madhugmadhug Posts: 829 Inactive
    @bubbli: When I was in 4th class, my class teacher; I remember his name, Venkateswarlu. He is a animal lover. He was always care about his pet dogs, they were very cute. i had spend and played with them.

    He fed sugar for ants, He is very kind of person. I am memorizing my beautiful and golden childhood days.
  • DoraDora Teacher's Pet Posts: 5,347 mod
    Is your class teacher still alive @madhug?
    "Like rain, I fell for you."
  • madhugmadhug Posts: 829 Inactive
    @Dora: I don't know. 17 years back we migrated from my native place.

    Do you have any pets?
  • DoraDora Teacher's Pet Posts: 5,347 mod
    I had a parrot when I was 7. It was a lovely bird and we had become best friends. But it soon got ill and killed leaving me upset.
    I like rabbits. There are many in my house! :)
    "Like rain, I fell for you."
  • BubblyBubbly Posts: 29,890 ✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2015
    @madhug what a man! There are many like him but we don't appreciate their kind gestures. I think these small deeds should be shared with others so that others get some inspiration.

    @Dora sorry for your pet. I have lost three parakeets, one was dead due to hot weather, second was lost, and third one flew away because I forgot to close the door of the cage.
  • madhugmadhug Posts: 829 Inactive
    Yes.! @bubbli He is very kind and generous.

    I want to share another person also like him. He is a collector (Officer) of my division. He is a plant lover. He created a plan for Save Girl Child and Trees.

    He passed a GO about Girl Child in his division. Who has a Girl Child they are eligible to get some land in village outskirts. The land given by baby name only. So her parents need to plant costly trees in that land like TAKE, MANGO and POPAYA. What ever benefit comes from the land that they are deposit in girl bank account.

    When she become 18 years old then she could eligible to withdraw money. She would have use her marriage. So this way we can save girl child and trees.

    Now the place become very beautiful because of plenty of trees. Its like a forest.
  • madhugmadhug Posts: 829 Inactive
    @Dora: If miss our pets its horrible to digest.
  • BubblyBubbly Posts: 29,890 ✭✭✭✭
    @madhug I think these exemplary people should be well appreciated publicly so that others get some inspiration. In Ramadan, there are a number of people who set food stalls on the both sides of the road and provide free food to the people at "Aftar" time. Then, there is a hotel in our area, where poor people and labourers daily take lunch and dinner, free of cost and no one knows who is the owner of that hotel.
    Regard topic of this thread, I have seen a big cemented place in front of a mega mall where there are a lot of grains for birds and every week shopkeepers contribute for it. The idea to bring awareness among people regarding the rights of birds and animals as well as provide them a beautiful view where they can see different birds eating and chirping near the mall.
  • madhugmadhug Posts: 829 Inactive
    @bubbli, when I see the birds on lake, trees and shopping mall, any kind of place I would feel very pleasant. It changes our mood.

    That's way we are taking pictures on Camera, Cell Phone. We are using those photos on like table calendar in all type printing material.
  • BubblyBubbly Posts: 29,890 ✭✭✭✭
    @madhug besides nature, birds are most beautiful creatures. I have seen a number of species when I went to Norther Areas and believe me I was thinking how many species there would be that I don't know.
  • GemmaRowlandsGemmaRowlands Moderator Posts: 9,940 mod
    These are very strong words, and I believe that they carry a very important message indeed. We should be doing as much as we possibly can in order to take care of our animal and plant life on this planet, but the problem is that people don't seem to realise this until it is too late. We need to do something now, to secure the future of everything that lives here.
  • BubblyBubbly Posts: 29,890 ✭✭✭✭
    I forgot to spread grains for the birds on roof and now I am feeling guilty because most of the shops are closed now. I don't know why I forget this part of my life that I have doing since last decade.
  • arunvtarunvt Posts: 3
    if you have a garden in your house a number of birds should be a regular visitors. if we observe them just 10 minitues should fall in love with those creatures
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