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Night Owls - 7 September 2015 - Boy damages expensive painting

NatashaTNatashaT Posts: 1,045 Teacher
A young boy tripped and fell onto an expensive painting in a museum exhibition. The painting is 350 years old, and now has a hole in it!



The museum isn´t angry with him though - they understand that it was an accident, and he didn´t mean to damage the painting. They plan to restore the painting as much as they can.


punch - to hit with a fist

curator - the person who takes care of a museum or other collection

trip - to catch your foot on something and stumble or fall

stumble - to almost fall; to lose your balance for a moment

mend - repair a material that is damaged

dumbfounded - astonished or amazed by something, so that you can´t talk; speechless

one-off - done, made or happening only once, and won´t be repeated

mishaps - an unlucky accident

the full extent - to the maximum degree

What would you do if you damaged an old, expensive piece in a museum?


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