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Emily Dickinson
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British English VS American English

Ahmed14_wAhmed14_w Posts: 14 ✭✭
edited May 2016 in Pronunciation
Which accent do you prefer ? American accent or British accent
Which accent is most understandable?
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  • RafiaremaRafiarema Posts: 369 ✭✭✭
    For me, I prefer American accent because I am used to It, but British accent is more beautiful. lol
  • [Ex Member][Ex Member] Posts: 0 ✭✭
    I think American accent is most understandable, But I prefer British accent more!
  • GlorianGlorian Posts: 1,249 ✭✭✭✭
    What's your numbuh? - Says the guy with the girl who wanted to meet.
  • diskvndiskvn Posts: 65 Inactive
    I think American accent is easier for beginners (as in my country) to listen.
    British accent seems to be more attractive to me
  • nrthlee87nrthlee87 Posts: 11
    I love both. I used to think I love british accent more but since I traveled to america, I think both are incomparable.
  • navidafrasiabiannavidafrasiabian CanadaPosts: 1,363 ✭✭✭✭✭
    No doubt.It is crystal clear that British is the best !
  • OmerHOmerH Posts: 129 ✭✭
  • nievesnieves Posts: 48 ✭✭
    I prefer British, too. It's easiar for me to understand.
  • mheredgemheredge Posts: 39,659 ✭✭✭✭
    Watch out for some of the British regional accents though @nieves, @OmerH, @navidafrasiabian!
  • nievesnieves Posts: 48 ✭✭
    @mheredge, Yes that's true ;-)
  • OmerHOmerH Posts: 129 ✭✭
    Yeah, there are variations but I like the standard one more.
  • [Ex Member][Ex Member] Posts: 0
    how about Austrailian accent?
  • mheredgemheredge Posts: 39,659 ✭✭✭✭
    I've heard some interesting American accents recently, from the deep south. They sound very exotic to my British English ears.
  • BubblyBubbly Posts: 29,890 ✭✭✭✭
    I am true believer of British English, rest are just modifications of it. :)
  • LienLien Posts: 266 Inactive
    American accent and British accent are beautiful. I prefer US because I listen to US channel everyday.
  • mheredgemheredge Posts: 39,659 ✭✭✭✭
    You get attuned to particular accents when you listen to them all the time. But @Lien, try listening to as many different accents as you can. Then you'll find it easier to understand English regardless of the way they speak.

    I liked the way this American reporter spoke:

  • assiliassili Posts: 7
    I prefer the Britsh accent , it's more understable and clear for me
  • GlorianGlorian Posts: 1,249 ✭✭✭✭
    edited January 2016
    It's typical american speech, I've heard it in many american news...
    By the way @mheredge, are you british? Native british, I meant, did you born in UK:grey_question:
  • aryarchiaryarchi Posts: 864 ✭✭✭
    I've never paid attention to complexity and simplicity of accents. But British sounds much more interesting to me.
  • [Ex Member][Ex Member] Posts: 0 ✭✭
    I really prefer british. Even when seems more complicate to me, but I don´t care... love the accent :P
  • KhaliedKhalied EgyptPosts: 2,228 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I'm studied English general but I prefer American
  • SanneSanne Posts: 24 ✭✭
    I prefer British English.
    I've almost no problems to understand Received Pronunciation, but a lot with American English (I don't like the mumbling). At the moment I'm working to distinguish between the different accents and to understand them.
    My favourite accent is the northern English accent (I've dunn) - it sounds funny and I'm pleased to hear it.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 1,331 ✭✭✭
    @Sanne Not every american mumbles. There're some american actors who speak english beautifully.
  • SanneSanne Posts: 24 ✭✭
    Which one's do you mean? I'm collecting 'learning DVDs'. :-)
    Some actors I can understand very well, but with others I don't have any chance and need subtitles. Even British actors speak different in american productions. Eg Damian Lewis: I hardly understood him in Band of Brothers, I've less problems with Wolf Hall. Same thing with Keira Knightly.
    At the moment I'm practising with British films and series, but sometimes I try an American one. I know understanding English it's only a matter of practice and listening ...
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 1,331 ✭✭✭
    I thought of Laurence Fishbourne, James Earl Jones and some actors who synchronize anime movies or pc games.
  • [Ex Member][Ex Member] Posts: 0 ✭✭
    i prefer american and i think it's more much better
  • [Ex Member][Ex Member] Posts: 0 ✭✭
    for me it's much understandable than the british
  • [Ex Member][Ex Member] Posts: 0 ✭✭
    maybe becouse the american media is so powerfull
    than british
  • [Ex Member][Ex Member] Posts: 0 ✭✭
    or thier movies get more whatches
  • [Ex Member][Ex Member] Posts: 0 ✭✭
    but theres is no big diffrents between them
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