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Emily Dickinson
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computer viruses fever !!!

kennouchi_youcefkennouchi_youcef Posts: 67 Inactive
edited March 2016 in Science and nature
hello , as am a computer technician , i wrote this post to correct some wrong ideas most beginner computer users believe in it :
1 - "let the antivirus do every thing , am full safe" >> and that's wrong my bro/sis , antivirus developers say "five teen percent (50%) of protection is an antivirus operation , and the rest it's yours" , so don't think that by installing an antivirus that's all , no you should do some technical behaviors to avoid viruses (i will list it in another post).
2- a virus in your system doesn't mean the end of the world !! , some people imagine funny things such as " my computer about to self explode !!! :o " , no , every virus has his effects , all this effects be sure can't affect the hardware side , so when your antivirus detect a virus just follow the instruction and do any thing he said , even if he tell you that you must delete a file or restart your computer.

eventually , don't be afraid and don't be careless , good antivirus software + right technical behavior = full protection. that's enough for this post just remember it ( less is more ;) ). see you next tech post


  • mheredgemheredge Posts: 39,634 ✭✭✭✭
    Which anti virus software do you recommend @kennouchi_youcef? I use Kaspersky but I was told that the version I'm using is only valid in Indian and Nepal. I don't understand how this can be as I thought that viruses know no frontiers.
  • kennouchi_youcefkennouchi_youcef Posts: 67 Inactive
    hello my friend @mheredge , when they told you about your version validation , they mean kaspersky company support your version just if it's installed in india or nepal , else it will be illegal or inefficiant , so my friend if you are just a home user i suggest to use "AVAST ANTIVIRUS" because it's very easy to use , and efficiant ( i use it since 5 years at my home computer without any issues ) , but if you are an advanced user ( server or a company network , very secret works saved in it .... etc ) i suggest keep using kaspersky , premium version it's better. i hope u understand :smile:
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