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"The April rain, the April rain,
Comes slanting down in fitful showers,
Then from the furrow shoots the grain,
And banks are fledged with nestling flowers;
And in grey shawl and woodland bowers
The cuckoo through the April rain
Calls once again."

Mathilde Blind, April Rain
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Idioms to describe appearances

TeachTeach Your TeacherHomePosts: 9,951 mod
edited March 2016 in Words Words Words
Today we looked at several idioms used to describe appearances.

Remember to be careful when using these idioms. No one wants to be called four-eyes, but most men wouldn't object to being told they have a five o'clock shadow.

Context is important.



  • BubblyBubbly Posts: 30,275 ✭✭✭✭
    Lynne, I am doing it in SOLB and when we talk about interesting idioms, we try to guess about their background. It is the most funny way to express our feelings in English and somehow to impress others. ;)
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