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There I was on a July morning,
I was looking for love.
With the strength
Of a new day dawning
And the beautiful sun.
And at the sound
Of the first bird singing
I was leaving for home.
With the storm
And the night behind me
Yeah, and a road of my own.

Uriah Heep - July Morning
A swarm of bees in May
Is worth a load of hay;
A swarm of bees in June
Is worth a silver spoon;
A swarm of bees in July
Is not worth a fly.
Learn English in July

how the hacker can hack your account easily !!

in this post i'll try to explain the most common and easy way that the hackers specially amateurs use it to steal your facebook or whatever account on web.
the name of this method is "FAKE PAGES" , it's easy and genius idea , in case of facebook hack , the hacker design a webpage 100% looks like index (principal) facebook page , yes it's 100% like it in design and view , but in the corp and codes it's different , so sometimes when you click on whatever ad or icons on web a facebook page will pop-up , actually it's the fake page but 99% of users can't recognize that so they directly enter their information to login fb , and this information will not go to fb servers , it will go to the hacker database (a space for store some information) , finally you will find your account stolen :) .

how to protect your self from this method ? >> just check the link bar on your browser before you tip your login information , if you see the official link "www.facebook.com" go on , but if you see something like that "www.faacebook.com" "www.faceboom.com" it's a fake page , be careful :) i hope to find it useful.


  • mheredgemheredge Posts: 44,369 ✭✭✭✭
    Very interesting @kennouchi_youcef. I have to say, if I'm using anything that asks me to login, I rarely do unless I'm very sure of it. This is more because I don't want junk mail but now I realise that it's sensible not to anyway, in case it's a fake site.
  • kennouchi_youcefkennouchi_youcef Posts: 67 Inactive
    @mheredge yes :) , and i hope to don,t fall in that.
  • mheredgemheredge Posts: 44,369 ✭✭✭✭
    It's good you raised this though, as it's so easy to forget @kennouchi_youcef. I never download anything onto my laptop these days, as I'm always worried what might dome with whatever it is I'm downloading, like unwelcome ad-ons.
  • peaceculture2peaceculture2 Posts: 1,226 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Now days it's recommended to deal with internet security with all power and mind. Especially on online transactions and official system. Take care to secure you're systems and your credentials
  • mheredgemheredge Posts: 44,369 ✭✭✭✭
    I only ever access my online banking service from my laptop, never from any other computer.
  • mheredgemheredge Posts: 44,369 ✭✭✭✭
    @kennouchi_youcef maybe you have come across this problem, but as of a few days ago my Chrome has decided to fight with Windows 10 and has been sending me rude error messages like: 'Google Chrome: Your profile could not be opened...' and 'A plugin (Shockwave Flash) isn't responding, with the page then not responding.

    Apparently according to the various geeky help blogs, it's a common problem. I have downloaded Firefox which I used to use (but I think that too, got into some fight with Windows 10).

    Let's see if these problems go away by changing browser (though no doubt Windows will come up with some other devious ploy to get us to use Edge.)
  • LaszloMarkLaszloMark Posts: 89 Inactive
    One another way to stole an identity is the infected e-mail. The e-mail or the e-mail's infected attachment can run harmful code on your computer if you open the mail, or the attachment. But they remain in the background, so you didn't notice anything about it.
  • kennouchi_youcefkennouchi_youcef Posts: 67 Inactive
    you all right @mheredge , in fact , microsoft company always try to keep windows os users using their own browser , specially when they released the new browser "EDGE" , so even i didn't fall in this case with windows 10 , i'am pretty sure it's one from teens of microsoft strategies to turn you into "EDGE" instead firefox or chrome or .... , actually i suggest you to test this new browser "EDGE" because really i didn't try it before and i'am excited to try it , maybe you will love it :) sometimes we should make changes on our life ;) , or go back to windows 8 and get relax ;). and i'am waiting your answer after few days of microsoft edge experience , if it's cool or not .
  • kennouchi_youcefkennouchi_youcef Posts: 67 Inactive
    @LaszloMark , it's true my friend , i usually when i check my email inbox , i just open what i see it important or i was waiting for it , else , the email service will throw it automatically in the junk box , so before open any email , be sure that you are know its source or its sender , and don't do any stupid step ;) can make your system a window for any hacker lol .
  • kindgnicekindgnice LEO Motivator!!! Posts: 8,049 mod
    You mean they are replicating the websites' features or they can choose to turn it to offline mode as well to catch multiple accounts. @kennouchi_youcef. Witty act by hackers. :/
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