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By all these lovely tokens
September days are here,
With summer’s best of weather
And autumn’s best of cheer.

Helen Hunt Jackson - September
The breezes taste
Of apple peel.
The air is full
Of smells to feel-
Ripe fruit, old footballs,
Burning brush,
New books, erasers,
Chalk, and such.
The bee, his hive,
Well-honeyed hum,
And Mother cuts
Like plates washed clean
With suds, the days
Are polished with
A morning haze.

John Updike, September
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ZomZom ShadokPosts: 3,079 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
Today was the 2nd games night in the pub.
It was quite challenging and especially not so easy for the riddle masters. (They've been challenged about their knowledge and Google was not always so good to help them ;) )

The participants: @Xeb , @Rema, @aladdin, @Monik, @Bobmendez and @oscar001.

And the winners tonight were @Monik and @Rema. Hats off guys!

Game 1- RiddleMaster: @Xeb with "Cloud"
--> Winner @Monik  after 12 NOs. 
Game 2- RiddleMaster: @aladdin with "Zebra"
--> Winner @Rema  after 15 NOs. 
Then it was time for Natasha's session. ^^

Thanks for the night guys. :D
It befits a man to be merry and glad
Until the day of his death.


  • aladdinaladdin Radio Producer LEOnetworkPosts: 1,745 mod
    It was a great fun thank you @Zom

    Are zebras predators or prey?
    Both. They have to eat something , which makes them a predator, but something eats them, for example a lion. Which makes them prey. :D
  • NatashaTNatashaT Posts: 1,067 Teacher
    @Zom sorry to end your session! It sounds like it was a lot of fun!
  • ZomZom Shadok Posts: 3,079 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited February 2017
    @aladdin we don't usually consider "grass" as being a prey. ;)
    It befits a man to be merry and glad
    Until the day of his death.
  • ZomZom Shadok Posts: 3,079 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    @NatashaT - It was like many events that take place in a pub, fun, informal and noisy. ^^ And like in pubs people come and go. :D Hope they were not too "tipsy" when they join your session. ;)
    It befits a man to be merry and glad
    Until the day of his death.
  • TeachTeach Your Teacher HomePosts: 10,092 mod
    Maybe we should ask Larry. (Sadly he is leaving, so ...)
  • ZomZom Shadok Posts: 3,079 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited February 2017
    True, he is a zebra! But it sounds like it's already too late; he's going to graze in a different paddock.
    It befits a man to be merry and glad
    Until the day of his death.
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