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Changing Clothes

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edited March 2017 in Fashion and Beauty
You might want to have a more individual look in world. It's easy to find free stuff (see other thread), but how do you put them on and take them off?

All your clothes are stored in your inventory (the suitcase button), but there is a sort of wardrobe in your viewer where you can organise your outfits. (The button is a t-shirt).

There are two main commands to do with what you are wearing.

Wear - Add to Current Outfit: Adds the selected outfit to your avatar.
Take off - Remove from current outfit: Removes the items in this outfit from what your avatar is wearing.

!Note - Be careful - you can also attach things to your avatar - you can attach anything - including objects. This isn't the same as "wearing" items. It can be fun, but might not be quite the look you were hoping for.

We will stick to outfits and clothing here, and use Firestorm as an example:-

You access the outfit window by going to the Avatar menu and clicking on Appearance, or by clicking the icon. This opens the appearance window, which allows you to view and edit outfits. Another way of accessing this window is to right click yourself and select Edit Outfit from the menu.

Outfit name: At the top of the window is the name of the currently worn outfit - if any; otherwise “No Outfit” appears here. Note that "No Outfit" doesn't mean that you're naked - it probably means that you are wearing items from different folders in inventory.
Screwdriver-Wrench Icon: This allows the currently worn outfit to be edited.

Outfit Gallery

This panel shows a gallery view of your outfits. The following actions are available by right clicking.

Wear - Add to Current Outfit: Adds the selected outfit to your avatar.
Take off - Remove from current outfit: Removes the items in this outfit from what your avatar is wearing.
New clothes: Create a new clothing item to add to the outfit.
Edit Outfit: Go into edit outfit mode.
Rename Outfit: Change the name of the outfit.

Outfits Tab

This view displays your outfits, the ones located in your inventory, in the folder called Outfits. Outfit folders are listed alphabetically, and do not show “nesting” (ie, if you have folders within folders, that structure is not shown in this view.) Several things can be done in this view:

Small Arrow: clicking this will open the outfit to show all items in it. Clicking it again will close the outfit folder again.
Right Click - Folder: Right clicking an outfit name displays a small menu. With this, you may wear the outfit, replacing the one worn, wear it but adding to whatever you have worn, take it off (if it is currently worn); you can also rename or delete it.
Right Click - Item: If you right click on an item in an outfit folder, you can wear or detach it, get information about it (item profile), and so on.

Wearing Tab

Clicking on this tab gives a list of all currently worn items: clothing and attachments (including HUDs). Right clicking any one allows you to detach that item, or edit it (which opens an edit window), or to edit the entire outfit; this last is covered below.

Gear Icon: Below the outfit list view is a gear icon. This behaves differently, depending on whether you are in My Outfits view or Wearing view:
In My Outfits View: Many of the options are also available when right clicking folders or single items. But in addition, it is also possible to create new clothes or new body parts.
In Wearing View: Allows you to edit the outfit, or remove a worn item.
Send to clipboard: This button will copy the list of worn items to your clipboard; from there, it may be pasted into a notecard, or a text editor or blog post, with Ctrl-V (Cmd-V on a Mac).
Appearance Window - Edit Outfit View

If you click the screwdriver-wrench at the top of the window, you are taken to the Edit Outfit window. Here, you may add or remove items from the currently worn outfit.

The outfit window is organized into three tabs: Clothing, Attachments and Body Parts. If you mouse over a worn item, you will see two icons appear, on either side of the item:

X on the left: clicking that will remove the item from the outfit.
Screwdriver-Wrench on the right: if you click this, you will be able to edit the item directly - except for attachments.
On the clothing tab, below the list of worn clothing items, are types of items not currently worn. For example, if you are wearing a shirt shirt, then Shirt will not appear here; if instead you are not wearing a jacket layer, then it will be listed - and to the right, a Plus sign, which allows you to add a new clothing item of that specific type, from your inventory.

Beneath the list, is an Add More button. Clicking this splits the view in half, horizontally, as shown here. In this lower window, you can scroll to select items to add to the outfit. To the right of the (now pressed) Add More button is a drop down which you may use to filter the list below. Once you have found the desired item, click the Wear Item button below the window.

Below this button are two buttons that allow you to view the list in an inventory tree, or as a flat list.

When done, click the Add More button again.

At the bottom left is a gear icon; click this to create a new type of item (body part, clothing, physics, etc).

On the bottom left is a shopping cart icon; clicking this opens the SL marketplace in your web browser.

To save your modified outfit, click the Save button at the bottom of the window. Or, if you wish to save this with a new name, click the up arrow to the right and select Save As.

!Note - Don't save too many outfits. In the same way a real wardrobe can get full, so can a virtual one. If you save too many outfits, it can cause lag.

Source: Firestorm Wiki


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