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There is wind where the rose was,
Cold rain where sweet grass was,
And clouds like sheep
Stream o'er the steep
Grey skies where the lark was.

Nought warm where your hand was,
Nought gold where your hair was,
But phantom, forlorn,
Beneath the thorn,
Your ghost where your face was.

Cold wind where your voice was,
Tears, tears where my heart was,
And ever with me,
Child, ever with me,
Silence where hope was.

November by Walter de la Mare
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Do you believe in ghosts or not ?



  • ZeyaZeya Posts: 31 ✭✭
    At the beginning, I don't believe that ghosts exist. However, that belief changed because I heve ever seen it twice. Maybe it's just hallucination, but most of people in my country believe that it existed and mostly we were influenced by our culture.
  • PaulettePaulette Posts: 23,849 mod
    @Zeya you can believe in ghosts or not. They feel or not... It is said that you must be open to ghosts. If you are open to it, you will feel them, and you may also see them. But that is the same with faith or with love? If you are open to it, you will feel it. But you can also shut out them. And indeed I think this is certainly connected with the culture and way of thinking of the place where you were born and grow up.
  • ZeyaZeya Posts: 31 ✭✭
    @Paulette I agree with you. You were right that it's the same with faith or love. So it depends on our belief, if we believe it exists you can feel or see it, but if we don't then we can't feel and see it. And about the culture,, yes indeed, culture has a big role in influencing our mindset towards a thing.
  • PaulettePaulette Posts: 23,849 mod
    @Zeya indeed the belief is a very important thing and it gives sometimes wonderful feelings, because sometimes if I am thinking about my little girl who died many years ago then I can see and heard her in my mind. Maybe she is then the ghost who wants to visit her mom but this thoughts make me glad because then I think someone is thinking of me.
  • mheredgemheredge Posts: 40,907 ✭✭✭✭
    On Monday I will be receiving delivery of a beautiful model ship that my father made and left to me. When I had it in my living room before I moved from London, I was convinced it was haunted (in the nicest possible way). I believe in ghosts.
  • ZeyaZeya Posts: 31 ✭✭
    @Paulette sure, sometimes the member of our big family who has been died comes up in our life, and mostly when we are sleeping, they come in our dream. I have an experinece when I was sleeping, my grandfather come and say something to me.

    And by the way, about your daughter, I'm sorry to hear that.
  • ZeyaZeya Posts: 31 ✭✭
    @mheredge yes of course. "Actually the ghost are existed around us. They have a life like us in this world". That is our belief in my country. Then, dont worry if you meet them. Although in some cases it's scaring and shocking.
  • mheredgemheredge Posts: 40,907 ✭✭✭✭
    I sometimes think that the ghosts must wonder at how crazy we are @Zeya. If you say that a dead person would turn or roll in their grave, you mean that they would be very angry or upset about something.

    "She'd turn in her grave if she knew what he was spending his inheritance on."

  • ZeyaZeya Posts: 31 ✭✭
    @mheredge upset or angry about something? Yes, maybe. It can be the reason why they came to our life. I've ever heard that when there is a place which is used to suicide, or a place where the accident happened, sometimes that place is haunted. However, I do not know more about that, that was just what some people said. All I know that I believe they are exists around us.
  • PaulettePaulette Posts: 23,849 mod
    @Zeya spirits are everywhere and they are there to bring messages to the people. I think that a spirit is a representative of the feelings of a human being and that spirit helps a person through things.
    I believe in spirits because they are the messagers of someone.
    My brother-in-law died early this morning, he had been in palliative treatment for a while and I visited him every week, as I did yesterday. When we said good-bye he pressed my hand very hard and said: "Goodbye, but I'll let you know something ..;" And during the night I woke up at 3:30 am and felt a shiver and I thought of him and stayed awake for a long time. And this morning at half past seven I was informed that my brother-in-law peacefully died at 3.40 in the morning.
    I am convinced that his spirit came to say goodbye at me ...
  • mheredgemheredge Posts: 40,907 ✭✭✭✭
    I'm sorry for your loss @Paulette. I think experiences like this prove without a doubt that ghosts or spirits exist.
  • PaulettePaulette Posts: 23,849 mod
    @mheredge thank you, it mainly makes me think because this man is only a week younger than I am and our lives were a bit analogue.
  • mheredgemheredge Posts: 40,907 ✭✭✭✭
    @Paulette 'analogue'? What do you mean by this? That you are contemporaries?
  • PaulettePaulette Posts: 23,849 mod
    edited January 2018
    @mheredge I mean we ware soulmates with the same thoughts and of the same age. We were also born in the same year on the same month ( he is a week younger then me).
    Post edited by Paulette on
  • mheredgemheredge Posts: 40,907 ✭✭✭✭
    I understand - analogue and time are similar in sense, but in this context the word you maybe could use is that 'our lives were contemporaneous.'
  • ZeyaZeya Posts: 31 ✭✭
    @Paulette I am truly sorry to hear that. Please accept my condolences. May Lord bless and comfort you and your family during this time of grief.
  • PaulettePaulette Posts: 23,849 mod
    @Zeya thank you.
  • ashhalashhal Posts: 12 ✭✭
    some unusual things happened to me and my family for 7 years i don't know what it was but thank god it's stopped now.
  • mheredgemheredge Posts: 40,907 ✭✭✭✭
    What sort of things @ashhal?
  • ashhalashhal Posts: 12 ✭✭
    we used to listen some strange noises from empty house on top of our's.we checked that house several times but found nothing.
  • mheredgemheredge Posts: 40,907 ✭✭✭✭
    edited February 2018
    Buildings can sometimes make noises that are sometimes due to many factors, like timber that creaks in the wind, vibrations caused by traffic or even as in my case when I lived in London, the Underground line under the house @ashhal.
  • GemmaRowlandsGemmaRowlands Moderator Posts: 10,331 mod
    I don't believe in ghosts as such, but I do believe that something must happen to our consciousness when we die. We can't just "end". There are a lot of unanswered questions, I think!
  • mheredgemheredge Posts: 40,907 ✭✭✭✭
    I am convinced that there's something to ghosts, as I'm sure that my father came back to 'haunt ' me, but in the nicest possible way. I also believe in reincarnation and I wouldn't be surprised if the two aren't related @GemmaRowlands.
  • chusproxchusprox Posts: 12 Inactive
    Well my belief about the ghosts it had started, when I started to get interesed about the spiritual topics. I belive in spirits, in the life after the death. How some people said in this discussion, it have been in many cultures of our ancestors.

    I think that the society has been ridiculing this topics, with the TV news, movies, some books.
  • PaulettePaulette Posts: 23,849 mod
    @chusprox maybe the society laughs with someone who believes in ghost but I think if you are unifed with someone then you can feel its ghost and such a thing can give you good feelings. In this way, at certain moments in your life you may feel that a loved one is still in your vicinity, especially if you have trouble yourself. To believe in ghosts is a personal feeling I think!
  • chusproxchusprox Posts: 12 Inactive
    @Paulette You are right! I think that our loved ones who stay in other dimensions, They try to guide us for the correct path. They can be souls that we've met in this life, or in others lifes. How you can see i belive in the rencarnation.

    Some of they decide to stay with us for to give us their protection, maybe your dear brother is still with you
  • sammanisammani Posts: 448 ✭✭✭
    I am afraid of ghost .but I have not seen a ghost yet and I no need to see a ghost.ghosts do exists.beacuse I have heard some real story about my next door.it is closed and the people who lived there had sold that house.we knew they sold the house few months ago.after that they left the villege .after that we heard the reason why they sold the house.
    There were old man and woman in that house and they were suffering from various fevers.but their daughter in-law didn't look after them and tortured them.the poor man died and after that the woman died.the old woman was very angry with her daughter in law.after old women died she has come to get the revenge from her daughter in law as she tortured them.so that young lady was not able to live that house any more.so that young lady and her husband sold the house. :/
  • Ali1Ali1 Posts: 102 Inactive
    @Zeya @sammani @chusprox @Paulette @mheredge @ashhal I have a story that i want to tell you. I live in a small village which is a little bit isolated. it is normal here to encounter ghosts. alot of people see them here and there is no one here but believes in ghosts. Once upon a time, i quarreled with my father and left the home to stay out during the night around the village. the time was after midnight and there was a donkey in my sight which was tied in the backyard of someone house. the backyard was lightened by a bulb which made the view clear for me. with all of sudden, the donkey started braying hard it couldn't stop braying because what it was watching was very frightened for it. when i had a look i saw something terrified there was a shadow upon the wall of the house which was moving back and forth in front of the donkey (i want to draw your attention the shadow should be in the opposite direction of the light, in this case, both the ghost and the bulb were on the wall). the shadow looked like about the same as a human being but hunchbacked. as i said the braying was last for nearly 5 minutes and it was running in a circle shape as it was tied after that the householders wake up from the noise and when they went to the donkey the ghost vanished. then they unleashed the donkey and the shadow didn't appear anymore.
  • PaulettePaulette Posts: 23,849 mod
    @Ali1 wasn't the saying "It was afraid of its own shadow" of application in this situation, because if the donkey could walk free, the shadow ( the ghost) was gone and the donkey wasn't longer afraid.
    I know that donkeys don't like it to be alone. If I was a child we had two donkeys because my dad said, a donkey needs company.
  • Ali1Ali1 Posts: 102 Inactive
    @Paulette does this proverb also exist in English"It was afraid of its own shadow" hehehe.
    but you should know that the shadow vanished before the donkey was unleashed and removed he when they came out he had just gone. you probably will not believe in these things until you experience this.
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