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In lands I never saw -- they say
Immortal Alps look down --
Whose bonnets touch the firmament --
Whose sandals touch the town --

Meek at whose everlasting feet
A myriad daisy play --
Which, Sir, are you and which am I
Upon an August day?

Emily Dickinson
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Monday Night Owls - 17 July 2017 - The perfect wedding dress

NatashaTNatashaT Posts: 1,060 Teacher
We read an article about what makes the perfect wedding dress:


Vocabulary Top 10:

expat - short form of expatriate = a person who lives in a foreign country

frilly - looking like a frill : having wavy edges

baffling - completely confusing

nuptials - a wedding or wedding ceremony

pared back - with no unnecessary features; reduced to a very simple form

angular - having one or more angles; sharp and straight instead of round or curved

aisle - a passage where people walk: such as a passage between sections of seats in a church, theater, airplane, etc

orchard - a place where people grow fruit trees

sequin - a small piece of shiny metal or plastic that is sewn onto clothes as a decoration

catwalk - the raised structure that models walk along in a fashion show; a narrow structure for people to walk on along a bridge or high up on the side of a building

What do wedding dresses normally look like in your country?
If you are married, what did you wedding dress/your wife´s wedding dress look like?


  • Shiny03Shiny03 Posts: 2,883 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2017
    A sad news for potential brides?
    The world's biggest wedding gown company closes all its shops in USA.
    Would you feel desperately depressed if you didn't have any wedding dress to wear? The answer is no for me, because I saw my mother kept her wedding gowns for many years, but she still had an unhappy marriage. That influences me and let me learn a lesson which is life matters, not that you-only-wear-for-one-day dress. Did I ruin girls' dream of being a one-day-princess in the wedding? I am sorry, but it's very important to focus on the marriage life, not live under the control of the commercial society. I mean we shouldn't feel sorry if we don't have a wedding or can't afford a wedding dress. And besides, if I have money, I would like to spend it on something more practical.

    Anyway, Japanese wedding gowns:

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