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BellBell Posts: 47 ✭✭
There's two reasons I have not posted in this forum as regular as I wished for, First, I don't know why but I get a long with the old forum more than this one. Second, I got stuck like hell with my English level despite the slight improvement from Upper intermediate to advanced with weak vocabulary.

Along with English I decided to learn French and that needed me to be more organized and more specific about my goals and the material I am using. I already bought my notebook where I am going to start a journal - inspired by The famous Bullet journal - to get things out of my head, be more organized, and to keep track of my progress and my methods.

I'll be busy for the next week and I wont be able to study but I still can read intensively in English and for that I picked up a novel by Austin Freeman, For the defence, Dr.Thorndyke. I am in the third chapter (extensive reading) but I went back to the second chapter to read it intensively. That's why I am starting this thread, to ask about very difficult words which when I look them up the dictionary makes it even more difficult to understand.

Here we goes:

Finally, into the same receptacle he put one or two small and trivial paintings little more than sketches-which he had hardly thought worth
offering to his dealer. Of course, he was not going to offer them now. Their presence in the attache case was merely a concession
sentiment. He didn't want to tell more lies than were absolutely necessary.

A concession sentiment. When I looked them up individually it really confused me. I like to have like a one word synonym. It's kind of make it easier for me to remember the words and their meanings. I hope I can get some help here and thanks in advanced. :)
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