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Knew vs. know

Hello. This is my first post here and I am trying to improve my English. Sometimes, I find myself second guessing myself on whether what I have said or wrote is grammatically correct. I am very happy to have found this forum to provide feedback.

I recently was in a discussion with another person. I tried to share with him that I know the sister of a new co-worker. I said the following:

"Yes. I knew her sister from back when I was in college. We went to the same school together."

When I came home, I kept thinking whether I used the word "knew" correctly. Is it suppose to be:

"Yes. I know her sister from back when I was in college. We went to the same school together."

I would think the second one is correct, since I still know her today.
Your thoughts are appreciated.


  • mheredgemheredge Posts: 39,071 ✭✭✭✭
    As you're talking about the past, I would say 'knew ' is correct. But if you still know her then you can use the present tense.
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