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In the merry month of May
When green leaves begin to spring,
Little lambs do skip like fairies,
Birds do couple, build, and sing.
A swarm of bees in May
Is worth a load of hay;
A swarm of bees in June
Is worth a silver spoon;
A swarm of bees in July
Is not worth a fly.
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Monday Night Owls - 26 March 2018 - the history behind American sandwiches

NatashaTNatashaT Posts: 1,011 Teacher
We read part of an article about why certain sandwiches became so popular in the US:


Vocabulary Top 10:

chow mein - a combination of meat, mushrooms, and vegetables with fried noodles that is served in Chinese restaurants in the U.S.

impulse - a sudden strong desire to do something

relish - a savoury seasoned sauce that is used to add flavor to other foods and that is made of chopped fruit or vegetables

patronize - to be a frequent or regular customer or user of (a place)

patron - a person who buys the goods or uses the services of a business, library, etc.

saloon - a place where alcoholic drinks are served, especially such a place in the western U.S. during the 19th century

shellfish - an animal (such as a crab or an oyster) that has a hard outer shell and that lives in water

affordable - to be able to pay for (something)

rye bread - bread that is made from rye flour (rye = a type of grass that is grown as a grain and used to make flour or whiskey)

five-and-dime - a store that sells inexpensive things

Have you tried any of these sandwiches before?
What is your favourite kind of sandwich?


  • elhattabfethielhattabfethi Posts: 53 ✭✭
    Hello Natasha ;
    It is thé first time that I participated to session like this.
    I will try to be with you on all session as I can.
    Thank you again
  • Tomi_OTomi_O Posts: 11 ✭✭
    Hi Natasha ...

    Well .. The first my attend in your session is behind me. I was still two steps behind of the action. Thank you for your helping.
    So I'm glad to seeing that the topic is continued on the forum.
    It gives me a possibility to read once again the text and understanding something more.
    In my country (in Poland) those kind of sandwiches are almost unknow.
    Maybe in a specialit restaurants?... I have eaten few US sandwichees but I cannot to called them. (apart hamburger ;) )
    In my area traditional sandwiches are made from two pieces of bread often some patch of meat and vegetables. Whole this sandwich has high not more then 3-4cm.
    For me the favorite sandwich is made with the prodacts whose are prepared in our kitchen (meat) and come frome our garden. Then they even don't need some special sauces. They smell fantasticly and taste uniquely. When I'm eating it I feel myself like in our garden.

    Thank you very much ...
    Tomi ;)
  • elhattabfethielhattabfethi Posts: 53 ✭✭
    I eat tuna salad sandwich, on thé case when Isnt possible to eat on my house.
  • ech0panditech0pandit Posts: 296 ✭✭✭
    i like paneer korma sandwich , it has shredded paneer in it .
  • filauziofilauzio Genoa ( Italy )Posts: 1,897 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Once I remember coming across a surprising sort of sandwich.

    Till the moment it would be before my eyes, I couldn't think they would dare filling one sandwich with a beef steak: yet according to the options listed on the menu, they did.

    I supposed one beef steak should always claim all the room provided by a large plate, as it usually happen at the restaurants.

    I couldn't imagine one beef steak being crammed between the two clamps of a bun, while one mocking mayonnaise keept squeezing and oozing all around either brims.

    An endless struggle, an alternate movement comparable to the pitch and roll of a boat over a rough sea; so I figured the sturdy meat staging its fight for freedom.

    First, pressing by the torturers bread halves, second wriggling by the steak off fatal sandwiching.

    Eventually the waiter brought me the dish.

    There were two halves of a bun, up-faced, close and slightly touching one another, as if reassuring one another: ' Phew ! We are still alive '

    They both were spread with a thin layer of honey, to sweeten them in a way, alleviate their bruised sore skin.

    Above the honey, there lay, exhausted but relaxed, stretching fibres, exhaling rage, the steak: she was the winner, she had done it to finally get all the room she deserved.

    glad to stop strict diet, splashed in belly flop? Don't care you're not light, here on English hop !
  • Tomi_OTomi_O Posts: 11 ✭✭
    You write like a skilled writer.
    Do you already have any books on your account?
    It is really good.
  • filauziofilauzio Genoa ( Italy )Posts: 1,897 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Thank you @Tomi_O, no books on my account, simply I sympathize with the rights of any squeezed steak to regain their room.

    When you passionately support any cases, you warm to them, eventually you even happen to end up managing to put the right words in the exact order. ;)
    glad to stop strict diet, splashed in belly flop? Don't care you're not light, here on English hop !
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