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In lands I never saw -- they say
Immortal Alps look down --
Whose bonnets touch the firmament --
Whose sandals touch the town --

Meek at whose everlasting feet
A myriad daisy play --
Which, Sir, are you and which am I
Upon an August day?

Emily Dickinson
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Let's Talk About It - Collecting

TeachTeach Your TeacherHomePosts: 10,077 mod
In today's session we read about and discussed what makes us collect stuff, and the kind of things we collect, and have collected in the past.

Next week we will talk further about what kind of things people collect, so before next week, share some of the things you think people collect.

In this session we already mentioned:-



  • Tomi_OTomi_O Posts: 11 ✭✭
    I want to share about two things whose I collect.

    The first what I "collect" it is socks.
    In my childhood our family was rather poor and I had had constantly lack of socks.
    I was feeling a big discomfort from this reason.
    So when I was growing up I have said to myself - when you will adult you never will lack of socks. So now in my wardrobe always have to be more then 100 pars of socks. In differents models and differents colours. When I see my collection of socks I'm relaxed and calm..

    The second thing what I collect is tennis rackets.
    I love this sport and I play tennis whenever I can. But I never played like Roger Federer - it was a big problem. ;/ Becouse I'm "perfect player" - I thought that the problem musted be in the rackets. So I decided to buy new one racket and next new one .. and in this way it I did it about 10 times. When I have had about 12 rackets my wife asked me - "what's going on with your rackets?" Why you need so many rackets? I didn't know what to say to her so first idea which came to my mind was " I collect tennis rackets".

    As you see - My hobby is not popular I think. :)

    Enjoy yourselves...
  • TeachTeach Your Teacher HomePosts: 10,077 mod
    Hi @Tomi_O ,

    Ha ha. Nicely caught.

    My dog Sam used to collect socks (I would call it stealing, but he called it "collecting"). Clean socks, dirty socks, it didn't matter, he would "collect" them and hide them around the house: usually under his bed. It did mean we didn't leave our socks lying around.

    What do you do with odd socks?

  • Tomi_OTomi_O Posts: 11 ✭✭
    He @Lynne :)

    odd socks.....I don't have too much.
    But sometimes I use them on a special occasion - for example some plener events or during do sports. But it is not frequent.
    However "odd socks" - may mean really everything.
    For example once I found espensive socks with two letters whose are my initials.
    I wear them only on special occasion. ;)

    My girls have a saying - our dad doesn't wash socks in a washing machine - the clean socks he buys in a store.
    Maybe something is in this? ;))
  • XanthippeXanthippe Posts: 2,013 ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Teach, I have found the quote :) - “Both,” replied Elizabeth archly; “for I have always seen a great similarity in the turn of our minds. We are each of an unsocial, taciturn disposition, unwilling to speak, unless we expect to say something that will amaze the whole room, and be handed down to posterity with all the eclat of a proverb.”

    “This is no very striking resemblance of your own character, I am sure,” said he. “How near it may be to mine, I cannot pretend to say. You think it a faithful portrait undoubtedly.”
  • sammanisammani Posts: 433 ✭✭✭
    In childhood I collect vesak cards which I was given by my school friends anf relatives.that was awesome.but now I grew up and I don't get vesak cards from college frineds.but I still have thoese childhood cards.anyway I wish I could participat this session becuase the title is really interresting.but I have missed this badly.😕
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