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In lands I never saw -- they say
Immortal Alps look down --
Whose bonnets touch the firmament --
Whose sandals touch the town --

Meek at whose everlasting feet
A myriad daisy play --
Which, Sir, are you and which am I
Upon an August day?

Emily Dickinson
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Monday Night Owls - 18 June 2018 - Predicting football results with national anthems

NatashaTNatashaT Posts: 1,057 Teacher
We read an article which explained the connection between a football (soccer) team winning matches and singing their national anthem with passion:


Vocabulary Top 8:

kick off - the start of something

embrace - to accept (something or someone) readily or gladly

hunch - a belief or idea about something (especially a future event) that is not based on facts or evidence

gusto - great enjoyment, energy, and enthusiasm

concede - to allow an opponent to score (a point, goal, etc.)

knockout round - designed so that winning teams or players continue to play and losing teams or players do not

rendition - a performance of something

when the chips are down - when a very serious and difficult situation arises

Do you believe that the way a team sings the national anthem makes a difference?
Who are you supporting in the World Cup this year? Who do you think will win?


  • filauziofilauzio Genoa ( Italy )Posts: 1,929 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I think that singing with passion the national anthem can be a sign of attachment to your country's principle, tradition, values and history.

    In a word, it is a display of patriotism.

    Well, playing a football match is maybe nothing worth a display of loyalty towards your Country.

    However, when you are playing in the national team, you are supposed to sweat blood in order to perform up to your nation's citizens' expectations.

    This is especially true during a World Championship.

    In Italy, there was a widespread public debate about the fact should national football team members know and sing the anthem's words.

    It turned out most of the footballers did actually sing just the first few lines, then began just rhytmically opening and closing their silent mouth, like fish, taking advantage of the soundtrack playing in the background.

    In any cases, I don't think it is something which they can be instructed to do by their coach.

    It is just something which must be deeply rooted into your soul, just because you feel it; it's something which is brought by your experience of life, it's genuine, authentic pride for your ancestors and land.

    Whatever your degree of either patriotism, or willingness to sacrifice, or even eagerness to fight for your national flag, however, I suppose something is undoubtable:

    Whoever dared to remain in the pitch after being displayed such sort of New Zealand Maori war cry and dance called The Haka, I suppose, should be checked for suicidal attitude.

    Every man for himself !
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