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Something about gerund and passive voice

I need to do several repair and maintenance reports. Usually, it was done after our technician went to check the client's machines. Then, he told me which machine has which parts getting damaged and need to be replaced by a new one.
I find a problem for a long time. I have to write in passive voice for all the time. The example below.
Model no. Checking Date Condition/follow up action
xxx trolley 20 Dec 2018 The door lock and gasket have damaged and need to be replaced.
xxx dispenser .. The weight and the hook are lost and need to be resupplied.

There are too many xxx (parts name) and i need to describe the action of replacing them or repairing them in passive voice. Sometimes, I suspect that I am wrong to write things like this. Either in table form or writing a statement to the client by email.

Another thing that confuse me for a long time is when to use the verb and when to use the gerund?
For example:

Assuming that I need to put the result/action taken column of a table, there are too little space or too annoying to put a complete sentence in a narrow column.
We've done the following repairing work.
1. Replace the led, button and switch on the control panel with new one.
2. Replacing the led, button and switch on the control....

now that it function properly.

1. function properly
2. functioning properly

1. work properly 2. working properly 1. run properly 2. running properly

one more thing to ask, can I insert a table in the thread.

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